At Cliff’s Local Market we like to give our customers a variety of quick and nutritious food choices that the whole family can enjoy.  Because SUBWAY primarily sells sub sandwiches and salads they are considered one of the healthier choices.  And today, the SUBWAY brand is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain.  Cliff’s Local Market is proud to have SUBWAY in five of our convenient locations.

Locations & Hours

Burrstone Road Cliff’s

Sunday- 9am-3am

Monday – 7am-3am

Tuesday – 7am-3am

Wednesday – 7am-3am

Thursday– 7am-3am

Friday – 7am-3am


Ilion Cliff’s

Sunday- 9am-3am

Monday – 8am-3am

Tuesday – 8am-3am

Wednesday – 8am-3am

Thursday– 8am-3am

Friday – 8am-3am

Saturday – 9am-3am

Herkimer Cliff’s

Sunday – 9am-12am

Monday – 8am-12am

Tuesday – 8am-12am

Wednesday – 8am-12am

Thursday– 8am-12am

Friday – 8am-12am

Saturday – 8am-12am

Culver Ave. Cliff’s

Sunday – 9am – 3am

Monday – 7am – 3am

Tuesday – 7am – 3am

Wednesday – 7am – 3am

Thursday – 7am – 3am

Friday – 7am – 3am

Saturday – 8am – 3am

Fulton Cliff’s

10:00 am – 10:00 pm  Daily